In my humble opinion,
The Second Chapter of Acts was the hands down, best Christian music group of ANY kind during the 70’s & 80’s. (Too bad they had their hands UP in this photo.)

But seriously, this brother and sister combo had a sound and musical style that was both unique AND as polished in delivery as ANY professional band — secular or otherwise. I had the opportunity to hear them live on several occasions, and I can't recall EVER hearing one sharp or flat note! Or any other kind of a mistake for that matter!

Matthew especially had (and still does have) a voice that will astound you. He has the uncanny ability to hit rapid fire 1/32 notes with such a clarity and ease, you are left dazed that a human voice can reproduce such a sound.

Yet more importantly their music was dedicated to ministry rather than entertainment. They didn’t sing to impress or bring glory to themselves. Rather, their intricate and unique musical style was used to bless and minister to the body of Christ and bring praise to The Father. Their disbanding was such a lost to me, that the day I learned of it literally hit me like I had just experienced a death in the family.

One particular illustration of their ministry is recounted by
Dennis Jernigan. Dennis is perhaps the premiere worship leader in America today. His music comes from a broken heart and a deep gratefulness for the healing he received in his life. If it were not for the ministry of Annie and The Second Chapter of Acts, we might not have this extremely gifted singer/songwriter with us today. Dennis' music and ministry is just one — but a very visable and important — legacy of The Second Chapter of Acts.

As far as the photo above, I believe I took it around 1985 and — unfortunately from the looks of it — from about half a mile away.

Read their incredible and inspiring history here.


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